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“What motivates me? It's the dynamic environment, the unwavering support for growth, and the balance between work and family life.”
Dani, Multimedia Specialist, 5 years
Developer working on a sofa outside with the ocean in the background

We have engineered a workplace with the flexibility to support the personal and professional lives of our diverse team. It's part of the Technocrat DNA.

In our work, we are always led by our values. That's how we deliver projects, that's how we treat our team. Do you fit?
What team members say

Zinzi, Head of UX Research

“Autonomy and proactivity are part of what our team do. We are looking for people who are the experts they are in a highly trusted and flexible environment.”
David, Head of Operations
“It feels like working with a bunch of friends who are really great at what they do, everyone in their own pocket of expertise and brilliance.”
Zinzi, UX Expert
“Since joining the company I have had a huge amount of opportunities to try new things and explore different areas of the industry I had not been exposed to before.”
Guy, Client Relations
Trust, autonomy & flexibility

Dave, Head of Operations

Supportive & caring culture

Dani, Media Specialist

Personal & professional growth

Guy, Client Services and Engagement Lead