Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare

Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare

The Commission was tasked with revamping its digital presence and merging a number of sites into one using GovCMS SaaS.

The Commission selected Technocrat, via the GovCMS panel, to completely revamp its digital presence. The project, to be delivered on SaaS, included a full redesign and IA/content update for the Commission’s main website, and required merging several separate websites into one.

The project kicked off in March with a firm deadline of July 1 for the new site launch. Technocrat worked closely with the Commission team to refine the designs and IA, perform user testing, build the new site and migrate all of the content from the existing sites.

Despite the many challenges, we delivered the new site according to schedule, and launched successfully on July 1. Technocrat continues to work with the Commission to provide support for the site, providing technical assistance as well as ongoing improvements.

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